Friday, February 26, 2010

Eye Liner Techniques

pakistan the common thing which is adopted by the girls is the eye liner and kajal techniques by which they can spice up thier looks.If you dont put eye shadow on your eyes,no worries you can experiment with your eyeliner in several ways by adding different moves :) for eyeliner you can use brush which is availble by luscious brush sets or you can use thier catwalk eyeliner or any eyeliner.i am gonna share some pictures which i have done on my eyes and captured just to make u understand.

1-This is soft smokey eyes,can be easily done by using kohl pencil or kajal.Apply kajal heavily on your water line line ur upper and lower eye lid by black pencil or brown eye pencil and smudge it with smudging brush.You can use luscious smudging brush for this look becuase it works very well.Smudge your upper and lower lid,curl your lashes and mascara it.Its good for everyday smokey eye look or may be applied for a party by adding little bit shimmer on eye lid and goes very well with nude lips.

2-You can apply eye pencil or liquid eye liner in your lower eyelid

3-heavy upper and lower eyeliner is little bit heavy good for party

4-In this photo you can see that i have applied liner by making the eye almond shaped and emphazied on the area of the eye.
5-In fifth picture i have applied 60's style eyeliner by applying white eye pencil in water line of eyes.This type of liner is called winged eyeliner.
6-In this photo i have applied only the winged eyeliner,You can apply either the thick winged eyeliner or thin winged eyeliner.
7-As you can see in last photo i have made the wing little bit thinner as compare to other can add one more wing above it for another recreation.

These techniques are not enough you can recreate many tricks :) its you who can understand youself better. stay Cute!

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