Friday, February 26, 2010

Sanitizing-A major Issue Regarding Personal Health And Makeup

Before getting in to other techniques and areas of makeup i would love to share my personal habbit and experiance to the girls who are reading this blog or love to do makeup and grooming.The basic thing is cleanliness and sanitizing.Still there are many people who are not aware of sanitizing the makeup tools,and not only makeup tools there are many things by taking care of them you will realise how important was to take care of them,there are few steps i want to go with:

1-wash your makeup tools,brushes and sponges.After aplying makeup and spending 6-7 hourse in it in teh end of the day or night you have to wash that away.In the same way you have to wash them if you are not cleaning and washing them that means you are applying the dust,all the old makeup product,sebum,oil again on to your skin and that can result in to break outs and pimples and other horrible stuff.Was your sponge after every use or wash it before applying makeup because usually base is applyed by damp sponge so wash it before applying base.May be you people might think that its not that important but i m telling you its important to wash them.Wash brushes by which you have aplied liquid stuff (liquid foundation,creamy makeup) because creamy makeup can reproduce the rate of bacteria even higher than of powder makeup.Use eye shadow aplicator after every 3-4 uses because as we all know the delicate part of our face is eyes so its important to cleam them.

2-Wash your hand or use sanitizer before applying makeup because you may use your hands for some precise application.

3-wash your hair daily,Girls like me do have front cutting or some layer cut so when your hair would not be washed than we could expect any worst possible.

4-If you are fond of makeup then its better not to hav that long nails it may hurt your face anyways,If they are been kept clean and trimed that is another thing,but having normal size nails are better.

5-Change your bed sheet back to back after few days or week.Beacuse thats our resting area.

6-Drink 1.5 litre of water daily,its good for health and even skin,so that your skin will remain hydrated.

7-Discart product after expiry Date.

8-Use the cosmetic reharding face cleansing or makeup according to your skin type

9-Tighten the cap of the product after use.

10-Always,always,always properly clean you makeup beafore sleeping.

So,there are some tips to change and spice up your life style :) i hope you would like it.And if you want to add up any thing feel free to share :) stay HappY!

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It would be good if you provide video tutorials as well!