Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smokey Eyes

Today i am going to show my smokey eye technique.There are smokey eye technique step by step:

1-apply base on your eyelid,(you can apply primer or liquid base or Luscious Studio Fix Concealer as it works as an eye primer also),and use the tape for even application several types of smokey eyes,some are very intense,some are soft some are gothic its up to your personal choice.I am going to show you this and guideline.

2-Apply any creamy black eyeshadow or crayon blac
k soft pencil on your entire eyelid.

3-Now take an all over eye shadow brush and blend the colour in the crease and make it soft and even.

4-Now take any black eye shadow or You can use eye shadow "Smoke"by luscious cosmetic it would work very well.

5-Now take blender brush(i am using luscious cosmetics brush) or any eye shadow brush apply any goldnish(antique gold colour by luscious cosmetics) or silverish(thunder may work well) eyeshadow on your brow bone.and blend properly both colours together so that there may not be any harsh lines.

6-Now remove tape,you can see how neat and even the line is :).Now apply white creamy pencil in your water line and a little bit on your lower lid.
TIP:Why i applied white eyeliner because i have seen when people do smokey eye look thier eyes appear small in size so if you will apply white eyeliner on your water line it
will give the illusion od brightness.

7-Now take the colour you had applied on your brow bone dab on your white eyeliner.Dont rub it just dab the colour on lower lid.It will brighten up the look,and will make it even more obvious.

8-Now take liquid eyeliner which you can use catwalk eyeliner provided by luscious cosmetic because its handy,here i m using cake eyeliner with eye liner brush,i m using luscious eye liner brush its very managable and handy it has firm bristle so that the application is smooth.I am appleing that on my lower lid and you can extend outward for cat eye look.

9-grooming of eyebrows is very important part in makeup.When you are done with you eye makeup,dont forget your eyebrows.Apply eyeshadow or pencil and blend it with brush.Use the colour according to your natural brow colour.I have natural intense black eyebrows so i just dab a little black eye shadow at the centre of my brow.

10-That's the final look.For more drama you can fix fake lashes and contact lenses.
Stay Happy!

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